Why is having an online presence important?

Importance of online visibility

When was the last time you bought something, without doing an online search on it? Can’t remember? Me too! The buying behavior of our customers has changed dramatically in the past decade. It’s not going to stop here, as it still continues to evolve, the importance of online presence has become crucial.


Why is having an Online presence important?

We are glued to our mobiles or desktops 24*7. Online surfing is part of our daily life. We get information about everything and anything under the sun from various search engines. Did you know Google handles a staggering 63,000 search queries every second!


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They are also the most popular search engine on the internet. Therefore the importance of good Online visibility on Google is vital to attract more customers.

Now, to the two major points about how crucial online visibility can be for your business.

Firstly, online visibility is all about making your business visible in search engines, especially Google. As a business owner or entrepreneur, it’s not an option but a necessity.  Otherwise sooner or later ( sad to say but true) we will be out of business! Why? because our customers are going to our competitors for their needs only because we are less visible when compared to our competitors.

Now, secondly just appearing on Google search is not enough! Yes, more bad news coming our way! According to a study done on consumer online behaviors, our customers, in most cases never bother visiting the second page of Google when searching for a business. This means our competitors on the first page of Google get a chunk of our customers. Have a look at this article. It explains in detail the advantage of being visible on the first page of Google.

So, our aim should be to consistently work on creating more and more online visibility for our business. This will help market your accounting firm in the right direction without having to worry about getting the next customer.

In order to understand where your business stands in terms of online visibility, a good place to start would be to get your online visibility score. 

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