What does Unique Selling Point (USP) mean?

What is Uniques Selling Point?

What does Unique Selling Preposition mean (USP)?


A USP is simply your Unique Selling Proposition. It is the most important factor that can tell you apart from your competitors.

Customers nowadays have an array of products and services to choose from, so how would you stand out and beat the competition? This is where a USP can work its magic. If you can figure out your USP, standing out in a crowd is easily accomplished.

Below are 5 steps to help you find your USP:

  1. Prepare a “SHINE” list for your business. This list will comprise of
  •          What your business stands for,
  •          What it does the best
  •          The end result of your products or services
  •          Customer experience.


       2. Analyse your competitors, and watch their adverts and marketing messages.

      3. Now, strike off the points, which your competitors well meet. You will be left with the ones that actually define your business.

      4. Select the one you feel is the most appropriate for your business. Use this message in your marketing communications and position yourself in your niche.

      5. Remember to keep revising this list from time to time and tweak your Unique Selling Point according to the changing market needs.

      Having a unique selling point can help you strongly position your brand in the market and help you stay ahead of your competitors.

      If you would like to have a look at a few USPs of some well-known brand please follow the links                below:

USP of Apple: https://www.qmart.pk/blog/5-unique-features-of-apple-products

USP of Nike: https://medium.com/@yshen18/what-makes-nike-the-best-sports-brand-ever-7b322ee50708

To test your understanding, visit the site http://www.toms.com.

Try and spot their USP. Do write in the comments section and let me know what your answers are.

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What does Uniques Selling Preposition mean?
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What does Uniques Selling Preposition mean?
Learn what a unique selling preposition means in business. Find here the easy steps to find yours and gain the competitive edge required to succeed in business.
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