The Only 2021 Digital Marketing Guide Accounting Firms Need

Digital marketing takes both time and effort. You need to promote your business with the right messaging, to the right audience, at the right time. Even knowing which picture to use or colour can be stressful at times.
Remembering to post on social media every single day, coming up with a content calendar, and more. These are just some of the daily tasks accounting firms should be focused on in order to have an effective digital marketing strategy that brings them new business each month and can be put on repeat.
If you’ve been struggling to figure out how to properly market your accounting firm then this guide will help you moving forward. You no longer will ask what needs to be done.
Let’s jump into the top 3 marketing strategies we have noticed that get the best results for accounting firms. (Hint: There are a lot more than just 3)
Build a Strong Online Presence
If you’re a “one man band” or freelancer then this isn’t priority number one. Priority number is getting clients. But, if you’re trying to build a brand, a team of experts, a professional firm… then you’re going to want to build an impactful brand that has a unique online presence. Branding mixed with an online presence is very important to creating that great first impression for future clients.

You need to make sure your firm has:

• An attractive, user-friendly website


• An active, informative, and regularly updated blog/content

• Social media marketing

• Reviews/testimonials

A Professional Website Design

Having a pretty looking website is not necessary to being successful, but you should make sure your website looks above average at least. Again, you want to come off as professional… you’d be surprised how many accounting firms have websites that look like a 2-year-old created it. This hurts your chances of landing those dream clients everyone wants so bad.

But it’s more than just the “look”, your website should have:

  • Mobile responsive design that’s easy to use
  • Easy and smooth navigation process
  • Easy to read fonts
  • Correct branding that makes your business stand out (proper colours, logo, fonts etc.)
  • Relevant and high-quality images and videos (not required)

Lead Generation Strategy

If you’re either just starting out or struggling to get clients (which is most accounting firms) then your priority number one should be revenue generating activities. I cannot stress this enough. You must have a lead generation process in place that brings you consistent leads each month and that is easily repeatable.

You shouldn’t be focused on branding, social media posting or logo designing if you can’t get anyone to work with you.

Here are some revenue generating ideas to help you get more business:

  •  Cold emails
  •  LinkedIn DM’s
  •  Social Media Marketing
  •  Dynamite Pro Lead Generation (the fastest way to get clients even if it’s your first day)

You may be wondering more about our Dynamite Pro system. Here’s how it works:

  •  Facebook advertising –highly targeted ads designed to bring your ideal customer to your door!
  •  Branding services –allowing your brand to stand out from the competition.

•  Review services –designed to improve brand awareness and let your clients’ voices be heard.

This lead generation strategy has worked time and time again specifically for accounting firms struggling to get more clients.

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written by: Robert Disch


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