Is your Business website SSL certified?

Is your website SSL certfied?

What is SSL?

The full form of SSL is Secure Socket Layer. It enables a secure and safe online conversation with your website users. Having an updated SSL certification for your website is very important to keep customers safe. An SSL certificate for your website can make your online visitors feel more secured while browsing.

How does it work?

Imagine you were speaking to a friend of yours about something very important and someone overhears your conversation. Would you feel safe? What if your conversation had sensitive personal information like a bank account number or your Date of Birth?

This information can be a potential gold mine for a person wanting to steal your information and use it for his selfish purposes. It can be a potential disaster!

Now imagine, you were speaking to the same friend about the same information in a  so-called ” SSL zone”. A third person cannot understand what you both were speaking, because every word spoken is coded into a secret language. Doesn’t it instantly make you feel safe?

This is what an SSL does to your website. It creates a secure layer that encodes every information shared between you and your customers. Therefore, no hacker can understand what the conversation was about.

Why should you get a SSL certificate for your website?

  • Customer trust is improved as it provides an added assurance to your website visitors.
  • It guards against hacking and phishing
  • Builds your credibility and authority
  • Most importantly Google recognises your website to be safe for online users to visit. Otherwise your visitors will get a message warning them that the site is non secure. This can mean loss of valuable potential customers.

Note: After July 24th 2018, websites without a SSL certificate will be marked as Nonsecure.

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