Distractions have become a part and parcel of our modern lives. Sometimes I envy our ancestors. Their lives were much simpler and focusing on anything did not demand a lot of effort. We on the other hands are technologically forward, yet struggle to cultivate the much-needed focus to make our lives easier. Exposure to numerous technology can cripple our minds in a lot of ways.

So, I started searching for that one life hack which can refresh our minds and help us refocus only on the important things.

To my surprise the answer  lies in a very simple question “What if I die today?”.

Yes my friend, death is imminent yet we walk our lives like immortals and misjudge the amount of time we have on this earth. What if somebody told us that we would die today? Like in the next 24 hours…..We would be devastated for sure, but won’t  we try to do a few last things before we exit from this life. These few last things are the ones which really matter to us but we fail to realise it.

I personally couldn’t wait to try this out. Took a paper and scribbled a few things which I felt where the one’s that mattered. I must say this small exercise de-cluttered my mind and planted a fresh outlook within me.

In a matter of minutes I realised

  • what I really wanted from my life .
  • what my true passion is
  • the most important people and relationships in my life
  • the list of things which deserved a delete forever

So my friends let me know what you think of this small mind exercise and if you want more interesting stuffs like this one please subscribe.

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