Behind the scene

I am Gowri Vijayan.  People call me GV. I am not an expert, guru or someone who knows everything. I believe learning never stops. I still learn new things and keep myself updated.

I studied to Certificate in Social Media Management, Master’s in International Tourism and Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management( Marketing). Over the last 10 years I have taken innumerable courses and gained knowledge about Digital Marketing. I would like to share this knowledge and provide guidance to Business Owners who are struggling to keep up with the evolving digital atmosphere.

I am an Online Visibility Strategist . I help Business owners get the maximum visibility in the shortest time possible and which in-turn helps them get more customers. The online world is full of noise and therefore requires a mix of well placed strategies to get noticed.

I believe in the saying- ” Information changes situation.” Getting the right guidance at the right time can change the way your Business is performing. I have developed a 10 point formula for great Online success for your service or product. I have named the system the Ten2Boost. If all these 10 points are taken care of, you will achieve maximum online visibility and success.

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