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Running an accounting firm is hard work. Sure, we have access to fancy tools now like social media, artificial intelligence, Google, digital ads, and more. But that doesn’t change the fact that running a business can be stressful. 

Think about all the challenges you have to worry about every day. From keeping up with the ever-changing government regulations & tax laws to high competition to even staffing and recruiting challenges. It’s obvious accounting firms don’t have it easy.  

We’ve worked with accountants before and noticed a trend going on within the industry. All accounting firms seem to face the same problems every day. If you fix just one of these problems, you’ll be ahead of the game! 

Here are 5 of the most common challenges we’ve noticed… and how to overcome them.  

Accounting challenge #1: Standing out in a competitive market 

Back in the day you knew an accountant that lived down the street or nearby. These days (especially with Covid) everything is online and companies are more open to working with accountants all across the country… sometimes even outside the country. Competition is as fierce as it’s ever been for accounting firms. 

Solution: Staying ahead of your competitors is always the solution to this problem. Whether it’s marketing, recruiting, or technology it doesn’t matter. If your competitor isn’t doing it then that’s a good opportunity for you! 

Accounting challenge #2: Retiring employees 

Accounting is experiencing a shrinking talent pool, like many other professions. Boomers are retiring at alarming rates while younger generations are pursuing other careers. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) estimates that 75% of today’s CPA’s will be retiring within the next 15 years. 

Solution: Although you can’t avoid retirement, you can avoid bad recruiting habits that put your company’s future in jeopardy. Stay on top of recruitment and manage employee retirement plans.  

Accounting challenge #3: Technology trouble 

We’ve noticed firms are struggling to keep up with the latest technology that’ll provide them the most value for the best cost. New inventions are hitting the market at a rapid rate and its intimidating firms. 

Solution: Take a deep breath. You should dedicate some time each week to researching and discussing the best accounting software for your firm. Don’t be afraid to switch software a lot right away, this is normal. Most subscriptions offer a free trial too. This will help you in the long run. 

Accounting challenge #4: Remaining cost-effective 

A major problem most accounting firms face is staying cost-effective. Things like updated technology, software programs, digital marketing, and recruitment can all put a dent in the company pocket book.  

Solution: Budget, budget, budget. You must keep a budget document to stay on top of all costs. This will put you in the best position to prevent any unnecessary spending each month.  

And finally, the most important challenge to overcome… 

Accounting challenge #5: Consistently acquiring ideal clients 

All businesses need ideal clients for growth. Accounting firms are no different. Acquiring ideal clients continues to be a big challenge for CPA firms. If you don’t have a process that consistently brings in new and ideal clients for you each month than you’ll never grow.  

The truth is most accountants lack the resources and time needed to generate high quality leads consistently. Most accountants don’t have the time to prospect. They know scaling their business would make life and business better, but for some reason they aren’t. Which leaves a unique opportunity for you.  

Solution: If you find yourself struggling to bring in consistent business each month then you may need external help. It’s okay to work with a digital marketing agency. Many successful accounting firms do and you can too! 

The best way to solve this issue is by using our Dynamite Pro lead generation system. Here you’ll find: 

  • Facebook advertising –highly targeted ads designed to bring your ideal customer to your door! 
  • Branding services –allowing your brand to stand out from the competition. 
  • Review services –designed to improve brand awareness and let your clients’ voices be heard. 

If you lack the time and resources to bring in quality leads every single month then why wouldn’t you do something about it? 

Book a free strategy call with us today to learn more on how you can generate more monthly leads and grow your accounting firm! 

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Can Digital Marketing help accountants?

Digital marketing, internet advertising, online marketing or anything else you may call it, advertising your company online is a big challenge for the owner of the business. The usage of internet has increased, even doubled in the past few years and ultimately this situation has greatly affected how consumers buy products and interact with businesses.

So now the question arises, what is digital marketing? Digital marketing is a way to be in touch with and influence your prospective clients.


Most of the people don’t know how many assets of digital marketing they have at the moment. Even anything can be the asset of digital marketing but it requires the usage of right marketing tool which you use online. Let’s take a look at few examples:


Icons and Logos

Video Content (which includes video ads, etc.)

Infographics (which includes company images and photos, etc.)

Content in written form (which includes testimonials, blog posts and product description etc.)

Online tools (which includes interactive content and SaaS etc.)


Social Media


Digital marketing strategies list is continuously growing but here are some that has been explained and mostly used by the businesses:


It is a type of digital marketing, where someone is charged when the user clicks on an ad. Google AdWords form is an example of PPC advertising which is also called paid search advertising.


It is a very useful and famous type of digital marketing tool, used by every blogger and content makers. Without spending a single penny one can rank its page through this tool.


Famous social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest allow its users to run ads as digital marketing. These social media platforms charge money for advertising. It builds brand awareness in your target audience and also helps us target the required audience.


It is another free digital marketing strategy through which you can use social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to advertise your work or business in an organic way. No doubt it will take more time and effort but deliver you cheaper results.


With the passage of time there is a change and evolution in latest technologies used. Every business owner wants to grow his business at any cost but accountants find it even more difficult because accounting itself is a very challenging and stressful field.

Digital marketing makes it possible to rank a page or blog and grow the business online. Accountants can use the digital marketing tools and strategies (as explained above) to reach potential client and start generating more leads.

Press releases are a beneficial public relations tool for new businesses or little new companies. Each press release distributes essential or valuable data about a future or future occasion. Despite significant revelations, unique experiences, or individual item delivers are valid justifications for press information, Press release caution buyers about essential things and help them remember the article, mitigating the inner emergency. For example, in an authorized account, you can report a data security break, clarify what occurred, and find a way to keep it from happening once more.

Press releases give extraordinary outcomes for practically any business, paying little heed to estimate, income, profile, and industry. This implies that such a substance can turn out brilliantly for you.

1. Immediate effect

As a small or medium-sized business owner with limited resources, how might you develop your organization and items all the more adequately without going through a lot of cash to accomplish your objective?

Each type of content plays an important role. For example, basic pages assist you with acquainting your brands and items with the world. Blog entries permit you to take a closer home association with your peruses by addressing the most intriguing inquiries. Exhort and give criticism from specialists and offer their perspectives with the crowd.

2. Increasing sales capacity

Press release can give dependability yet also increase your income by demonstrating the main key advantages of your items and your items’ needs. Different options are available at present. You may want to compose and convey Press release on various occasions to report multiple victories.

3. Ability to increase the effectiveness of your marketing plan

Current Marketing measurements show that 71% of B2B advertisers depend on substance promoting to make new deals openings. It sounds extraordinary; however, imagine a scenario where you could genuinely build that rate by utilizing each instrument in many substance advertising devices to expand your online reliability, put you on the map, and get more cash-flow.

Media discharges are an extraordinary and incredible advertising module that you can add to your mission. You can’t turn out badly with these devices, as your products’ unique features guide them.

4. Opportunity to stand out as an industry expert

Press releases are an excellent method to pick up trust and glory in your work. A superb PR crusade permits you to stand apart as the best craftsman/business visionary and show your items’ novel highlights.

5. Increase traffic to your website

Eighty million individuals look for interesting thoughts and stories consistently. This noteworthy figure shows that it is truly imperative to utilize all the stunts in the book to enter the function of your potential client’s news page and imprint your name.

With press releases, you can add a couple of connections to your blog or site to guide your per user to different stages that promote and sell your items. In any case, a more conventional type of PR is the way to consistent correspondence with writers, influencers, speculators, and expected clients.

Conclusion Here you can also enter all the necessary information that does not correspond to the publication’s main content. The last paragraph of the press release continues to take the reader to the next step. It can be straightforward to contact a new manager or try a new

Importance of YouTube ads and How it Can Help To Grow the Business

Usually, people consider YouTube as an enjoyable social platform where they can discover funny videos, new artists, and the cutest puppy clips. For some people, YouTube is the best place for learning with an incomprehensive audience reach, and for marketers, YouTube is a frontier full of opportunities for their businesses.

After Google, YouTube is the largest search network with billions of subscribers and users. As the most extensive search network, there is no doubt that YouTube is accessed a considerable amount of times each day. By this, you can imagine how important it is that your brand or business should have some presence on YouTube.

What is YouTube advertising?

YouTube advertising is the online promoting video content and video-sharing platform, also in relevant search terms in YouTube Search bar. As we all know, Google-owned YouTube, so advertising on YouTube can be possible through Google Ads. Many companies use YouTube advertising as a display campaign and utilize their video ad formats accordingly. On YouTube, more than two billion users logged-in monthly and uploaded approx. Five hundred hours of videos each minute. On average, every user spends 11 minutes on YouTube every day, leading to 6.5 pageviews. Therefore, Advertising on YouTube built many opportunities for brands and companies to expand their marketing strategy online.

Benefits of advertising on YouTube involved increased:

  • Visibility and Reach
  • Diverse targeting
  • Data and analytics
  • Optimization of Advertisement Campaign
  • Profit of sales and marketing channel

Increase Your Business Visibility with YouTube Ads

Any business or brand can utilize YouTube with their different marketing goals to gain a massive audience for their marketing achievements. YouTube offers businesses a costly way of advertising to reach enormous users with particular interest. To increase brand awareness among the people, YouTube is the best platform to improve your campaign through the usage of videos in your marketing goals.

Targeting through YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads offers different targeting choices for businesses to run their online marketing campaigns, and from which you have to select a range of options that will help you find the best audience for your business ads.

How YouTube Ads Can Help to Grow Business

If you are running a small business and continuously thinking of ways to present your services and products in front of people as much as possible, so YouTube ads can be a cost-effective way for your business growth if you use them regularly as your business marketing strategy.

As YouTube users spend plenty of time on this platform so this is an excellent opportunity for businesses to grab more attention from their marketing ads. In one of the reports, YouTube claims the average standard session time is 40+ minutes.

Do you know how much it will cost to use the YouTube platform as your marketing strategy? YouTube charge per video view. Now the question will arise in the mind of how much YouTube charge for advertisement? It depends on the video length and quality, normally video ad runs between $0.10 & $0.30 per view.

Different companies are working and providing advertisement services, but most of the advertisers use Google and Facebook for their marketing campaigns. Google and Facebook both have a long-standing rivalry and are in direct competition with each other. In this blog, we will go through all the elements that Google Ads and Facebook Ads have to offer; we hope this will help you understand why they should be a integral part of your brand’s marketing strategy.  

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are beneficial for the business as it gives a massive return. Besides other marketing strategies like email marketing, SEO, flawless web design, and social media, Facebook ads are commonly used and are essential for growing your business.


  • Facebook facilitates two-way communication: you can have direct communication with your customers and build long-standing relationship with them.
  • Facebook Offers Robust Analytics: Facebook gives you a detailed report about your Ads’ performance, which involves all the metrics related to post engagement, weekly reach, and page likes.
  • Target your Exact Audience: Facebook allows you to target your audience by mean of age ranges, interest, demographics, behaviors, and location.

Google Ads

When someone needs to know the best restaurant, services, product, or anything from anywhere worldwide, their first option will be to search on Google. This is how Google Ads work: when someone enters something on the google search, Google provides them the relevant ads and data for a service and product. Today in the business world, Google Ads is considered a substantial successful search engine for getting sales, driving traffic, and marketing business products. If you are thinking of ignoring the world’s most popular online marketing and advertising platform, then it’s time to make the right decision for your business growth.


  • Google AdWords helps you Reach Your Customer: Whatever your brand or the business’s size is, you always want to be found on the first page of Google. Your priority will be that the customer finds your product and service at the exact time when they are looking for one.
  • Google AdWords Empower you to Reach Your Local Customer: This option enables location wise targeting.
  • Google offers Control over your Budget: If you are running a small business then you have to spend on google ads accordingly. If an ad’s performance is excellent, increase your budget, or If your ad performance is not according to your expectation, you may decrease or stop spending more money on that ad.

If you want discuss how Facebook Ads/ Google Ads can help your business, please book a call here.

We are specialists in Lead Generation.

We can create strategies and campaigns to help you achieve your financial goals.

We specialise in the following services:

1.Facebook and Instagram Ads

2. Google Ads

We also do the following services:

  1. Youtube Ads
  2. Listings
  3. SEO
  4. Press Releases
  5. Social Media Posting
  6. Marketing Funnel creations

So if you are worried about finding new customers for your service/product, don’t worry!

Contact us today for free consultation. We will put a personalised plan in place so that there is a constant flow of leads and you are able to get more sales.

We will help you vanish your worries so that you can concentrate on  growing your business and expanding it.

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Gone are the days…..

When was the last time when you bought something, without doing an online search on it? Can’t remember? Me too! The buying behavior has changed dramatically in the past decade. It’s not going to stop here, as it still continues to evolve, the question which most Business owners or Entrepreneurs have or will have is ” Will I survive this storm?”. The answer to this question lies in your inert ability to embrace change and transform yourself.

We are glued to our mobiles or desktops 24*7. Online surfing is part of our daily life. We get information about everything and anything under the sun from various search engines. Did you know Google handles a staggering 63,000 search queries every second (https://bit.ly/35j1ECK)? They are also the most popular search engine on the internet. Therefore it becomes imperative to have good visibility on Google in order to attract more customers.

Now to the two major points about how crucial online visibility can be for your business.

Firstly, online visibility is all about making your business visible in search engines especially Google. As a business owner or entrepreneur, it’s not an option but a necessity.  Otherwise sooner or later ( sad to say but true) we will be out of business! Why? because our customers are going to our competitors for their needs only because we are less visible than our competitors.

Now, secondly just appearing on Google search is not enough! Yes, more bad news coming our way! According to a study done on consumer online behaviors, our customers in most cases never bother visiting the second page of Google, when searching for a business. This means our competitors on the first page of Google get the chunk of our customers. Have a look at this article. It explains in-detail the advantage of being visible on the first page of Google.

So, our aim should be to constantly and consistently work on creating more and more online visibility for our business. This will help us progress our business in the right direction without having to worry about getting the next customer.

Do you want to know your business visibility score?  Use the link below and send us the completed form and we will send you the score and a short report showing the areas needing improvement.



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One of the first you need to do to improve online visibility for your business is setting up your Google My Business page. When done correctly it can increase your visibility on Google Search engines and also help improve your rankings.

Google My Business Training Guide is for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who are either just stating out or experienced. This guide gives you the required knowledge to master and use Google My Business page to your advantage. It covers the following topics.

  1. Basic knowledge about Google My Business page
  2. Business listings
  3. Latest updates about GMB
  4. How to improve Google place rankings
  5. Google My Business Optimisation Checklist
  6. Common mistakes to avoid.

We have put all these information in easy to read and understand format. If you have any questions please me at info@gvmarketingmix.co.uk

You can get the Training Guide here.

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