Advantages of using Paid ads for your business

advantages of using paid ads

General Overview

Different companies are working and providing advertisement services, but most of the businesses use Google and Facebook for their online marketing campaigns. Google and Facebook both have a long-standing rivalry and are in direct competition with each other. In this blog, we will discuss how paid ads like Google and Facebook Ads could be used to promote your accounting firm.

1.Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are beneficial for the business as it gives a massive return. Besides other marketing strategies like email marketing, SEO, flawless web design, and social media, Facebook ads are commonly used and are essential for growing your business.

Advantages of using Facebook ads:

  • Facebook facilitates two-way communication: you can have direct communication with your customers and build long-standing relationship with them.
  • Facebook Offers Robust Analytics: Facebook gives you a detailed report about your Ads’ performance, which involves all the metrics related to post engagement, weekly reach, and page likes.
  • Target your Exact Audience: Around 200 million small businesses around the world use Facebook . The platform allows you to target your audience by means of age ranges, interest, demographics, behaviours, and location.


2.Google Ads

When someone needs to know the best restaurant, services, product, or anything from anywhere worldwide, their first option will be to search on Google. This is how Google Ads work: when someone enters something on the google search, Google provides them the relevant ads and data for a service and product. Today in the business world, Google Ads is considered a substantial successful search engine for getting sales, driving traffic, and marketing business products. If you are thinking of ignoring the world’s most popular online marketing and advertising platform, then it’s time to make the right decision for your business growth.

Advantages of using Google ads:

  • Google AdWords helps you Reach Your Customer: Google processes over3.5 billion searches every day. Whatever your brand or the business’s size is, you always want to be found on the first page of Google. Your priority  is to be front of your customer when they are searching for your service.
  • Google AdWords Empower you to Reach Your Local Customer: This option enables location wise targeting.
  • Google offers Control over your Budget: If you are running a small business then you have to spend on google ads accordingly. If an ad’s performance is excellent, increase your budget or  you may decrease or stop spending more money on the ad if it starts performing poorly.

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