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"When solving problems, dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves." -Anthony J. D’Angelo

We are a digital marketing agency based in Aberdeen UK. 

The number 1 problem why new accounting firms fail is because of the lack of quality new customers.

We specialise in providing lead generation and other digital marketing services to Accountants and Financial planners. We help accounting firms  scale to the next level by providing viable digital marketing solution suited to their needs. Our unique and efficient digital strategies generate 10-15 leads every month consistently.


Our Marketing mix - Dynamite PRO

Phase 1

Aim: Boosting your online presence
This is where we put the strong foundations for growing your brand . We strongly believe in getting the foundations right.

Ask us for an online visibility score for your business. There are 9 essential parameters which a successful business should fulfil to ensure a winning online presence. So if you lack any of these parameters we will help you put these in place so that your business is performing well digitally and stands out in the crowd.
Who is it for?:
- new accounting practices
-firms that are attracting less than 5 new customers every week.
- any practice that wants to improve their online presence.

So if you want to understand how you faring in the digital world click below.


Aim: lead generation and brand building

Is your business not growing?
Do you find it difficult to find new customers?
Do you want customers for a specific service?
Want to get past the current revenue which your business is generating?
Are you too busy to do marketing for your business or prospecting for new customers?

We can help you get your business moving again and also help you achieve your goal faster.
Who is it for?:
- Stuck at a certain revenue and want move to the next level

There are certain criteria that needs to be checked before we decide if your business is a good fit for this service.

So if you want to know if your business would qualify for this business, leave your name and number below along with a few other details and we will get back to you.


Aim: This for accounting businesses that want to scale and increase their revenue to a new desired level.

This is an ultimate growth accelerator which gets you quality leads, builds your brand and also takes care of your online reputation all in one single mix.

Who is it for ?
- Business owners who have a specific revenue goal in their mind
-Owners who want to generate a specific number of leads every month.

To understand if this service is fit for your business please book a 30 minute call with us today

Some of the benefits our customers enjoy: